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iMetafilm Metascanner

Our Technology

The Metascanner is designed to do one thing - produce a high quality digital copy of motion picture film as safely and securely as possible.

The Metascanner has no sprockets, has no capstan, has no parts which can impact, effect or damage your precious film.

The Metascanner is designed to scan film straight from the can. 

No preparation, no winding, no cleaning. 

It can handle film which is warped, buckled, shrunken, has damaged or missing perforations, is heads-out, tails-out or flipped.

The Metascanner has a 6K imaging system capturing the whole film, edge-to-edge, including the optical soundtrack.

The Metascanner can scan 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm, 35mm films (and any other gauges you might have!).

iMetafilm - Metascanner

iMetafilm - Metascanner

Pixelweave Software

Our Technology

Pixelweave is our A.I. assisted software which runs on standard PC's.

Pixelweave takes the images produced by the Metascanner and analyses the entire reel, producing an accurate, faithful, stabilised, colour balanced replication of the film content.

Pixelweave is fully automatic. Plug in the images from the Metascanner and watch the magic happen.

(Pixelweave DOES NOT provide any image restoration and DOES NOT compromise the original film image in any way.)

Pixelweave will deliver 2K or 4K ProRes and FFV1 files, colour balanced image and synchronised audio automatically.  Other file formats such as TIFF, DPX, AVI etc. can also be provided.

Pixelweave uniquely produces Quality Assurance data for objective, not subjective film analysis.

European Patents: EP2951988; EP2769538; EP3275167
US Patents: US 9,661,236; 9,666234; 10,542,179

iMetafilm - Pixelweave

iMetafilm - Pixelweave



No film preparation or repair required


No capstan, no sprockets, no chemicals


Simple to use - lace the film and press 'play'


A.I. assisted software automatically assembles images


Graded 2K/4K images with synchronised audio