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demo room_edited.jpg

iMetafilm - the solutions for you

purchase, rent - or let us do it all

At iMetafilm we don't want to just sell you a film scanning system (OK, we DO want to sell you a system but that's not all).

At iMetafilm, we fully understand the issues that film archives and content owners have.  The constraints of time, of budgets and of trained personnel.  Everyone has different needs so we aim to offer alternatives.

We give you options:

Purchase  - you can buy one (or, preferably, multiple!) Metascanner systems but its not just a single transaction. we will be long-term partners in safeguarding and celebrating films with you.

Rental - we can rent you a system, anytime from 3 months to 3 years. we will run through some very simple training with you, then let you scan 24 hours a day! full support included, of course.

Service - we can do it all. bring the system to you, operate it. deliver you high quality video and sound ready for you to celebrate with the world (or keep it to yourself)

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