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About iMetafilm

Our Story

iMetafilm is a revolutionary motion picture film scanner manufacturer and service provider which started in Glasgow, Scotland in 2014. 


Co-founders Michael and Linda Howell had a vision to design a product which would help to safeguard and celebrate our motion picture history.  iMetafilm would produce technology which could enable films in any condition to be digitized, with audio, to a high quality with the minimum of time and cost.

The initial concept was to make the film scanning hardware as simple as possible - even a 'clockwork' film transport was considered.!

Using a simple film scanner that wasn't trying to make a frame accurate image meant that the transport could eliminate sprockets, capstans, tension control arms etc. - all parts which can inflict damage and stress onto film.  It also meant that films with shrinkage, buckling, perforation damage, - even missing perforations - could be scanned straight from the can; no need to for costly and time intensive film repair and preparation.

The key was to utilize A.I. assisted software to assemble the images.  This meant that ANY film in ANY condition could be scanned and the software would produce a high quality digital video. 

Early tests on paper film (for the US Library of Congress) which has no perforations at all and was unable to be scanned on any 'traditional' film scanner, proved the concept and iMetafilm went on to scan a number of previously considered "unscannable" films for a various archives and institutions.

Today, we are able to scan 'unscannable' films quickly and cheaply at our facilities or we can provide iMetafilm Metascanner system for sale and for rent for archives to do this without moving films off site.

Our latest software package 'Pixelweave' automatically produces A.I. assisted graded images and restored synchronized audio in both ProRes and FFV1 format in one process (but performing multiple tasks in a very clever way!)..


With our commitment to innovation and advanced technology, iMetafilm is dedicated to helping film archives preserve and digitize their valuable collections.

European Patents: EP2951988; EP2769538; EP3275167
US Patents: US 9,661,236; 9,666234; 10,542,179

Meet Our Team

The People of iMetafilm

Michael Howell

Chief Technical Officer

the iMetafilm message

low power, clean, film scanning workflow

just lace the film and press play - no film preparation required

no sprockets, no pins, no capstan, no chemicals

high quality, A.I. graded 4K images

high quality synchronised, and cleaned, digital audio

our team of experts are on your side

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